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Are Drinks Free at Hollywood Casino?

You might be wondering, Are drinks at Hollywood Casino free? You won’t be able to get a free drink from any cocktail waitress if you’re a penny slot machine player, but they will still come around for a check-in if you tip them properly. You can tip $1 or $2 per drink, but it’s important to remember that waitresses rely on tips to pay their bills. If you don’t tip on your first visit, your waitress may not bother you again.

Free drinks are a casino marketing strategy that helps attract players. They’re often offered to non-players, too. However, these casinos realize the effect a friendly face can have on the game. You’ll get more free drinks if you’re spending more than a certain amount. You should sit near a table with lots of action or a slot machine that’s closer to the bar. Be aware that playing video poker at a casino bar is tricky. Most bars track how much you spend at their establishments, and will turn on a light to indicate when you’ve met the minimum amount.

Despite the popularity of casinos, free drinks aren’t really free. Free drinks at the casino are not given out randomly. In fact, most casinos give away free drinks to players, which means that every “free” drink is a profit for the casino. In order to enjoy free drinks at Hollywood, you need to know what to order and where to find them. Most casinos along the Strip offer free signature drinks like mojitos, margaritas, and champagne.

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