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Are Professional Sports Rigged?

Are professional sports rigged? The answer to that question will likely be no. But some games are rigged, and there is evidence of that in the Super Bowl. In the NFL, for example, a game can be rigged through various methods and decisions on the field. Those decisions, whether they are correct or wrong, can influence the results of a game. Those decisions may include banning players or creating fake stories.

While many Americans are convinced that rigging doesn’t happen in the United States, evidence of it is everywhere. The easiest way to tamper a game is with the referees. They can be bought off or influenced in direct ways. The FBI has revealed that one referee tried to interfere with Baylor’s defenders during a game in 1965. Other instances of rigged games include the Olympics, World Cup, and World Cup.

Even if the players don’t affect the outcome, there are always ways to profit from the games. For example, corners in soccer and points “won by” in basketball can be profited from. In the old days, boxing was the biggest cheating sport. Boxing is about money, so it’s vital to attract viewers, pay per view, and interest. The more people watch, the more money the players and teams can earn from advertising, media, and sponsors.

Some say that the NBA and MLB are rigged, but evidence suggests that these are not the real culprits. It’s more likely that the most popular teams generate the most money, while the least popular ones don’t have the support base to fill stadiums and market themselves to advertisers. Moreover, NFL playoffs go to seven games on average, which is more than twice as long as it took to get a winner in the first round.


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