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Can I Bet on Both Sides to Win in Sports Betting?

Can I bet on both sides to win sports betting events? Many people wonder this question because many sporting events are a match between two evenly matched teams. However, in many cases, betting on both teams isn’t possible. For example, the Champions League Final has two evenly matched teams. However, if you’re quick enough, you can guarantee a profit by backing both teams.

It’s possible to bet on both teams without risking your money. However, you need to remember that most bookmakers will factor a certain percentage for themselves when they take your money. This means that if you bet PS100 on both teams, you’ll only get PS191 if either side wins the game. It’s a common mistake among novices to bet on both teams sccbuzz.

The best way to bet on both teams is against the spread. Underdogs are listed with a minus sign while favorite teams have a plus sign. In football, for example, a favorite team must win by at least nine points to cover the spread. In contrast, an underdog team has to win by eight points or less to cover the spread. This is called a “underdog bet.”

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